Silver Teal

Silver Teal (Anas versicolor) are a teal species native to South America. They are a dabbler that inhabits wetlands, and they are classified as Least Concern by the IUCN. They are not quite as common in captivity though, as they are often considered to be an unattractive, brown species. On the contrary, they are quite stunning. They are a combination of black, buff, brown, and silver, finished off with a blue bill with a yellow patch on the portion closest to the head. The hen's plumage is less vibrant than that of the drakes. Both species have an irridescent blue and green speculum that is bordered with white. As with other South American species, Silver Teal also do not have an eclipse plumage and retain their breeding plumage year round. This species is compatible in a mixed species pen, though be sure they are not being bullied by any larger species. In a northern climate, they will require some winter protection, especially during their first winter. 

Silver Teal pair

Silver Teal are capable of breeding when they are one year old, though some take two years to mature, so I hope to breed this species this year. This is a new species for me, so additional information about them will be posted once I have bred this species.

Silver Teal hen

If you are interested in acquiring this species, please contact me to be placed on my waiting list.

Juvenile Silver Teal drake flapping his wings

Juvenile Silver Teal drake

Juvenile Silver Teal drake